Lemon,chilli,Garlic,Salt and Water!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Be it a hot, sweaty summer time or cold,lovely winter days..Whenever I sit on the dining table with my family...I can't help thanking mother for being a sambalpuri. Lovely food and lovely taste!. My mind sends a picture of the delicious food on my plate to my "centuries" hungry stomach to attack on the beautiful display of colour, taste and spice. And my stomach immediately does so. The hot milky white thin cooked rice with the leafy ,juicy green "saag" with chopped garlic, furiously delicious small white chana fried in various "royal" spices, the lovely delicate fish cooked till tender..With the taste of yogurt,chilli and fresh ground spices...Send violent signals to my stomach and my stomach goes topsy turvy. But I crave for the one thing that comes after all in order and before all in taste.

Its neither a recipe nor is it a delicacy ....its just a treat for all food lovers...Who love something extra...Or shall I say a twist in a tale. Its a lovely mixture of fresh lemon squeezed till the juice mixes with a bit of salt ..Freshly crushed garlic and green chilli(crushed by hand)....And then a bit of water and then ........!!!

Tasting the lovely little appetizer between every morsel I take of the food....Makes me crazy!! :D .The sour taste of fresh lemon, mixed with the hot and spicy taste of the chilli...The goodness of garlic tingles every bit of my taste buds in my tongue.

And then my mom's clever substitution of the lemon with lightly fried whole small tomato or sliced green mango...Improves the taste a hundred times. Thanks to the sambalpuri cuisine and My mom! :D

hey I should thank my stomach too! :P

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Comments for Lemon,chilli,Garlic,Salt and Water!
yea yea.. i am the 1st one here!!

n i am hungry nw!!!!!
nice post sweet lady!

Ummm ummm yummy!!! :P

Buddhu you didnt mention about having rice with lemon?! :D I guess that tickle your taste buds too, haina?! :P


and and and Missin u :(

..and and and once again so beautifully expressed. Keep it up gudiya! :P

Sanju, the font is too small, and u've made it all the more difficult reading, by coloring the fonts x(

phirse mere tempu ke peeche!! :x

jab bhi koi mere tempu ke khilaf kuch bolta hai toh mera ego hurt ho jaata hai :(

waise lemme see what can i do... :x
comment on my post! :x

@Sanju: Tempu?! :P

How sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! >:D<

Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :P :P :P :D :D :D :D :D


buddddddddhuuuu :O

what was that? :(

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