Lemon,chilli,Garlic,Salt and Water!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Be it a hot, sweaty summer time or cold,lovely winter days..Whenever I sit on the dining table with my family...I can't help thanking mother for being a sambalpuri. Lovely food and lovely taste!. My mind sends a picture of the delicious food on my plate to my "centuries" hungry stomach to attack on the beautiful display of colour, taste and spice. And my stomach immediately does so. The hot milky white thin cooked rice with the leafy ,juicy green "saag" with chopped garlic, furiously delicious small white chana fried in various "royal" spices, the lovely delicate fish cooked till tender..With the taste of yogurt,chilli and fresh ground spices...Send violent signals to my stomach and my stomach goes topsy turvy. But I crave for the one thing that comes after all in order and before all in taste.

Its neither a recipe nor is it a delicacy ....its just a treat for all food lovers...Who love something extra...Or shall I say a twist in a tale. Its a lovely mixture of fresh lemon squeezed till the juice mixes with a bit of salt ..Freshly crushed garlic and green chilli(crushed by hand)....And then a bit of water and then ........!!!

Tasting the lovely little appetizer between every morsel I take of the food....Makes me crazy!! :D .The sour taste of fresh lemon, mixed with the hot and spicy taste of the chilli...The goodness of garlic tingles every bit of my taste buds in my tongue.

And then my mom's clever substitution of the lemon with lightly fried whole small tomato or sliced green mango...Improves the taste a hundred times. Thanks to the sambalpuri cuisine and My mom! :D

hey I should thank my stomach too! :P

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Thursday, March 09, 2006
I had never imagined that i would be writing something nice about my brother anyday :) but i am missing him so much nowadays that i couldn't stop writing it on my blog.:)

My brother,Gaurav Dev Dutt(Babi),is one of the naughtiest,stupidiest(does this word exist?),woderfullest,funniest,sweetest persons i have ever seen. I have lived my life with him..and he has never been away from me for a second...but right now when he is not with me i feel the worst i have ever felt in my life. I can't stop remembering the sweet 'n' sour memories of him.

He has always made me feel special...believed in me to the core,though before every exam instead of wishing me"best of luck" he used to wish me "fail hoe aashbi"(fail hoke aana) :x :x. He calls me "Betum". God knows what does that mean..but whenever he pulls my cheeks or maska-marofies me..he calls me by that name. According to him,it sounds cute. Waise it does :P . i remember when i was young..well about 10..and he about 13..whenever he used to pull my cheeks..he used to say a line in a very rythmic tone of a cricket commentator "and the ball goes right on the cheeks of 'gulguli' betum" ..well gulguli means having soft and 'big' cheeks. but he used pull my cheeks haaaaaardddd :x :x.

Ma tells a lot of stories of him and me ..when we were children. To me they are not just a series of hazy memories but a whole lifetime. i remember ...when i was around 4 years old..my hair was very short and used to curl up like small noodles..and whenever my family used to watch a late night movie in our then 30-yr old home..on the black and white T.V set..he used to cuddle up beside mom and me with my Baba.our bathroom was two rooms away from our T.V cum Bedroom and it used to have very little light.whenever he wanted to go to the bathroom..he used to ask Ma or Baba for company..because he was afraid of darkness. My ma send me instead...i used to hold his hand(a guy who is 3 yrs older and taller than me) and guide him to the bathroom door..: and we always fought on our way back..followed by his complaint that he will never in his life will take my help.:D He is still afraid of darkness...he sleeps with the light on in his room.i asked him one day..why does he do that..he answered that once he had seen a ghost outside his window...that's why he studies at night..so that he falls asleep while studying :D :D

He always made sure that in every game that my male-cousins play included me...but i always used to be a "doodh-bhaat"(a substitute) in Cricket and goal-keeper in football(soccer). :

Ma and Baba used to work ..because of our poor financial condition..my bro and me used to stay alone at home.we used throw eggs at the people outside our boundary wall,we used to pillow fight,climb trees ,play in the fields,...

Whenever Ma , Baba went out for work,Ma made my brother promise that he will not to hit me whenever we are alone,so my bro never used to hit me...but bore all my tantrums....for example scratches,kicks,punches.....but he scolded me a lot...and the moment my mom entered the house..my bro sings all his complaints away.He is a cutie pie.

As we grew up....i learnt to do things the way he did...whenever my ma and he fought..he used to come to my room and walk left to right then right to left....his eyes red with tears..i smile at him a lot of times when he does this. I never advice him anything ..he goes to ma himself and says sorry and sits beside her..until both of them smile.He still does that. :)

i still remember the time when i was one of the 20 toppers in my junior college for my 12th standard under state board. i was happy as i was the 12th topper...but my parents were very happy but a bit sad too...as i missed the tenth position by 4 marks. Seeing them i felt sad too,but my dada hugged me and said well done!..and called me a topper since that day...i felt proud of myself and it was just because of him...Now that he is in Mumbai..pursuing his career in TCS..he seems so far away. I can't even go to him at once if i need him...i miss him very much..I LOVE YOU DADU(i call him that)...MISS YA!
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Netaji:mysterious disappearance....

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

THis is something i found interesting on net...

Netaji's disappearance has always been an interesting topic for me.
here are some excerpts from the site..
The coming months will see Subhas making a comeback of a sort. India's longest running political controversy is heading towards its grand finale. For five years the media and the lawmakers in India have adopted a touch and go sort of approach towards the inquiry of Justice MK Mukherjee into the "death" of Subhas Bose. Not any longer. The Commission, formed in 1999 following a Court order, is gearing up to present its report by November.

Let this impression be trashed at the outset that the Netaji mystery belongs to a different era. No doubt it started in 1945; but it has been simmering till date. The controversy is a bombshell and that's what the official records hint at. Netaji is supposed to have died at the end of Second World War, and yet the Indian Government continues to sit on files about him. And they are wary of approaching the British and Russian Governments to release the papers they are keeping to themselves.

according to the site ,When the government was asked to release the papers/documents relating to netaji to the mukherjee commission...they refused ....why? here goes:
"disclosure of the nature and contents of these documents would ... hurt the sentiments of the people at large and may evoke wide-spread reactions .... Diplomatic relations with friendly countries may also be adversely affected if the said documents are disclosed."

On August 25, 1945 the Indian newspapers broke the news that Netaji had died in a freak plane crash in Taipei (then Taihoku) on August 18th. He had been flying to Tokyo to work out the INA's surrender when this happened. The British would believe none of it. Viceroy Wavell noted in his diary on 23 August that "I wonder if the Japanese announcement of Subhas Chandra Bose's death in a air-crash is true. I suspect it very much, it is just what should be given out if he meant to go underground..." They dispatched their crack intelligence teams to South East Asia. The findings were bewildering. Netaji was not heading to Tokyo. Months before the world war staggered to a halt, he'd begun planning a new chapter of his war on colonialism. He saw the Cold War coming and reached out to the USSR. The British intelligence got clear information that Subhas was going to Russia at the time of his death. The Japanese had given out a false story about his destination. The survivors of the crash were rounded up and records were captured. The pictured that emerged was of deceit. Eyewitnesses were found to be lying and records appeared as if they had been planted.
Americans chipped in with help. In fact it were they who had the best knowledge. They reached Taiwan in September 1945 and guess what they found. " ... there is no direct evidence that Subhas Chandra Bose was killed in a airplane crash … despite the public statements of the Japanese to that effect."

i never knew the full story about netaji's disappearance..but now that i have known...i can't help myself thinking about it...

visit the site for more info :)
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Thursday, March 02, 2006
please give this test for me! :D
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lovely! :)

Monday, February 27, 2006
These are some potraits(art) made by Blackeri from Warsaw in the deviantart community..which i really really really liked :)link to the profile of blackeri

Seven Deadly Sins:Sloth


Seven Deadly Sins :Avarice

Moon Goddess

Seven Deadly Sins:Lust


Seven Deadly Sins:Vanity

Seven Deadly Sins:Envy

and it's originally made by blackeri! :O i wish i could make something like this!

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Free-Wheeling Creator

find your DNA at this site:

plz assess me!!! :D :D

here click :
assess me!

my report:
my report!
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To Him from Me

Friday, February 24, 2006
how deep is my love...I do not know. But each day passes through the gate of distance..To the land of remembrance. It seems I walk through nothingness...Without you. I look in the mirror to note my emotions...I find no intensity...But I can't smile..My heart aches.
some moments pour over my little self..In which I find myself wanting to break the chains of helplessness..And run away to you..To hide inside your arms. The feeling of warmth with the mixture of the soft beats..Of your lovely heart, covers me,and I feel blessed.
I can't describe you..As I have never seen anything or anyone like you. Today my words are also not enough..Look at them! So unwilling so reluctant to be expressed!! ....Maybe...They just feel safe inside my drunken heart...Drunk in your love. They feel satisfied to be felt..Maybe they feel precious and divine by the touch of your love...

"No one knows how much our souls are in love...No one...Except for You,Me and Silence"
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Valentine's day fever part 1-"love in the sangam era"

Sunday, February 12, 2006

"Love in the Sangam Era"

poem one
The heart, knowing
no fear,
has left me
to go and hold my love
but my arms,
left behind,
cannot take hold.

so what's the use?

In the space between us,
murderous tigers,
roar like dark ocean waves,
in O how many woods
between us
and our arm's embrace?

--allur Nanmullai,kuruntokai 237.
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